Survey with a prize: How do organizations manage risk today?

How do organizations manage risk today?
What risk management processes do they use – and to what effect?

Douglas Hubbard (author of How to measure anything in cyber and The Failure of Risk Management) invites risk professionals to participate in a Hubbard Decision Research / KPMG survey on risk assessment methods and the current state of enterprise risk management processes.

This survey will take approximately 6-7 minutes and the results will be used for my current book project, for a white paper report and for academic research.

Individual responses will be kept confidential; only aggregated data will be published.


  • For completing the survey, you will receive a complimentary copy of the white paper (which will be available for purchase to the public for USD 150).
  • In addition, participants who complete the survey will be offered a 50% discount on the Hubbard Decision Research webinars “Risk Management: What Works and What Doesn’t” and “Introduction to Applied Information Economics” as well as a free training webinar from KPMG on digitizing risk management.


Please complete the survey by March 10, 2019.

Thank you for your contribution to research in this critical area!


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