Corporate misconduct has its origins in poor risk management practices #riskawarenessweek2019

We continue to witness a constant flow of misconduct scandals, resulting in escalating sanctions, fines, customer detriment and reputational loss. But are the steps we are taking really going to result in sustainable changes? If history is anything to go by, I fear not.

RISK AWARENESS WEEK 2019 broadcasted online at from 14 to 18 October 2019

Reflecting on his 25 years experience within financial services, Ben Pickup will provide an insiders view of the role that poor risk management practices can play in contributing to ineffective decision making and unethical behaviours.

In addition to sharing his personal insights, Ben will also look into some of the recent corporate misconduct scandals, delving into common root causes involving risk management methodology, cognitive bias and ethical decision making.

You don’t want to miss this workshop! Not only that, it is a must watch for everyone in your company’s finance, strategy and performance management teams.


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