Sustainability & Risk Management – a key challenge for our time #riskawarenessweek2019

Facing up to sustainability is a key challenge facing all organisations today. The UN has defined sustainability through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Across all industries, businesses are trying to work out how they can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Investors and customers are demanding to see action being taken – if you don’t show commitment to this, your business will suffer.

RISK AWARENESS WEEK 2019 broadcasted online at from 14 to 18 October 2019

For Risk teams to be adding value to the strategic direction of their organisations today, they need to be closely involved in helping to work out how to create and implement a successful sustainability strategy.

This presentation covers some key points to what Risk teams should be doing in their organisations to ensure they are playing their part. If you are not yet involved in helping to set and implement your organisation’s sustainability strategy, you should be thinking about it…

This is a must watch session for anyone working in risk management and a great foundation for the whole week. Make sure you sign up!

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