4 December in Malta: from CIA to Taleb: using advanced risk modeling tools to make better business decisions

During the last of the four training sessions, Alex Sidorenko will talk through a step by step algorithm on how to use risk analysis tools to make better business decisions. This short course is built around some of the best techniques used by CIA, FBI and financial traders:
  • key assumption check
  • validating assumptions using monte-carlo simulations
  • devil’s advocate
During the course, we will use financial models and free version of Vose ModelRisk to find and validate assumptions, set up and run simulations and interpret the results for the decision makers. Very hands-on workshop.
I will take each participant through the process:
Please bring your computer with free  https://www.vosesoftware.com/products/modelrisk/ installed (optional but recommended).
DATE: 4 December 2018 

REGISTER: email for details to info@mitcentre.com