Are you coming to #FERMA conference in Copenhagen on October 9-11?

David Vose, Graeme Keith and I have a little surprise for you! Read on, it is one of those career changing posts.

We booked a conference room in one of the most iconic hotels in Copenhagen just before the registration for FERMA starts to share our stories how quantitative risk analysis changed our careers, saved millions for our companies, lead to groundbreaking decisions in planning, budgeting, procurement, insurance, maintenance and protecting the environment.

No fluff, just practical, concrete examples and case studies. And more importantly, an amazing opportunity to talk to like minded risk professionals about real operational issues that we face.

For example, I will talk about how his team almost killed ERM and still saved $13M for the company. How focusing on select few risks and investing time in building models achieved significant value to the business, how the company changed the role of the risk management team to reinforce its place in the second line of defense, how the company changed from risk reporting to performance reporting and debate whether black swans should be on risk manager’s agenda.

Graeme Keith will talk about practical strategies for introducing and getting the maximum value out of quantitative assessment of risk. Contrary to popular misconception, quantitative methods require neither deep mathematical expertise nor “mature” and well-embedded risk management processes. The demands to data are initially no greater than qualitative risk management and far from demanding reams and reams of high quality data, a quantitative approach to risk will guide you to the data you actually need to support the decisions you need to make. Graeme is Practice Lead for Quantitative Risk at Archer. He helps clients design and build structured, fit-for-purpose methods, workflows and governance for quantitative risk management. Graeme has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Cambridge University and has worked professionally with quantitative risk for over 20 years, both as a consultant and in a variety of senior management positions in international companies, including Head of ERM at Maersk Oil.

David Vose, Vice President Risk Management at Archer. David will talk about how transitioning away from qualitative risk scores to a more quantitative approach brings greater efficiency and substantial savings, and allows risk managers to contribute to creating a more robust strategy for dealing with the unprecedented challenges we face in 2022. David has published three books and over twenty peer-reviewed scientific papers. His textbook Risk Analysis is widely considered the leading text of its field. David is one of the most influential practitioners in risk analysis from developing and popularizing statistical methods and modelling techniques to the authoring of international guidelines.

The event is free but places are very limited.


Thank you to Archer Integrated Risk Management for making this event happen.

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