Become the epicenter: how your risk insights can ripple outwards

Fresh from her exhilarating journey at Risk Awareness Week 2022, Maria, a seasoned risk executive, was brimming with new insights, strategies, and perspectives. Yet, she knew that this newfound knowledge wouldn’t serve its full purpose if locked away in her mind. She realized she had sparked a flame within herself, and now it was time to fan the flames of innovation, strategic risk-taking, and growth throughout her network.

The experience at RAW2022 was like a pebble thrown into a still pond; the ripples were just beginning to spread. With each interaction Maria had, she could sense the shift in conversations around risk. From her immediate team to the boardroom, people were starting to see risk not as a hazard to sidestep but as an opportunity to grasp.

Sharing her learnings wasn’t without its challenges. Maria had to take into account different learning styles, perspectives, and resistance to change. Yet, she was determined. She started with her team, organizing informal coffee catch-ups, in which they discussed key takeaways from the workshops she attended. Soon, these discussions became a regular feature of their weekly meetings, gradually shifting their collective mindset about risk.

Next, she approached her organization’s leadership. Armed with concrete examples and case studies from RAW2022, she presented how embracing strategic risk-taking could unlock potential growth avenues. She urged them to consider the risk not just in terms of potential threats but also in terms of potential opportunities. The leadership was intrigued, and soon enough, they began revisiting their management policies.

As Maria continued to share her insights from RAW2022, the ripples continued to spread. Conversations were happening beyond the walls of her office; they were happening in industry forums, in networking events, and on social media. The impact was far-reaching and beyond anything Maria could have envisioned.

This is the transformative power of RAW conferences. Now in its fifth year, RAW2023 is just around the corner. When the insights gained from the event are shared, they have the potential to create a ripple effect. This is not just beneficial for the individual attendee, but for teams, organizations, and the wider professional community. It proves that learning is not an isolated event but a collective experience that can stir waves of change in how we understand and manage risk.

Are you ready to be the pebble that starts the ripple of change in your network? Join us at RAW2023 and become a catalyst for reshaping the risk landscape!

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