Best of Both Worlds: Complementary Roles for Commercial and Self-Insurance #RAW2023

Navigating the world of risk management and insurance? Join our workshop at RAW2023 where we’ll offer a clear, straightforward breakdown of risk transfer strategies:

  1. Combining Commercial and Self-Insurance: We’ll explore the balance between transferring risk via commercial insurance and retaining it through self-insurance, highlighting the benefits of integrating both.
  2. Local Governments & Natural Catastrophes: We’ll use this real-world example to illustrate how various entities manage risk, providing insights that can be applied across sectors.
  3. Weighing the Costs: Dive into a practical discussion on the cost-effectiveness of insurance, considering different risk scenarios and their financial implications.
  4. Finding the Right Fit: Not all insurance solutions are one-size-fits-all. We’ll discuss how to determine the best point for commercial insurance based on your organization’s specific needs and financial health.
  5. Monte Carlo in Excel: We’ll simplify Monte Carlo simulations for you, showing how you can use this method in Microsoft Excel to quantitatively analyze risk scenarios.

Join us for a session filled with actionable insights and tools to enhance your risk management strategy. Register now and add another tool to your risk management toolkit!

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