DAAG Virtual Conference. Day 3 agenda!

DAAG  Virtual Conference | Day 3

Friday, June 26

8:00AM – 9:30AM (PT):

Session #7: Rapid DQ

Session Co-Chairs: Carl Spetzler, CEO, Strategic Decisions Group and Einar Sveinsson, Senior Engagement Manager, Strategic Decisions Group

  • Carl Spetzler, CEO, Strategic Decisions Group. “Choosing Your Approach to Rapid DQ”
  • Paul Wicker, Senior Decision Analyst, Chevron Energy Technology Company. “DA – When Speed Matters”
  • Tyler Ludlow, Founder and Chief Decision Scientist, Decision Skills Institute. “A Decision Archetype framework that helps individuals to make significant decisions quickly”
  • Troy Helm, Senior Consultant, Strategic Decisions Group. “Using Engagement Platforms for Rapid DQ”
  • Tom Keelin, Managing Partner, Keelin Reed Partners. “Rapid, Flexible Quantification and Communication of Uncertainty with Metalog Distributions”

10:00AM – 11:30AM (PT):

Session #8: Uniting Data Science and Decision Analysis

Session Co-Chairs: Elayne Ko, Director, GSK, Jim Driscoll, Finance Manager, Intel, and Michelle Scarbrough, Decision Analytics Manager, Boeing

  • Steven Flinn, CEO, Many Worlds, Inc. “Uniting Data Science and Decision Analysis with Data-to-Learning-to-Action”
  • Devin Cornish, Decision Science Manager, LinkedIn. “How to Avoid being Right about the Wrong Things: Guiding Data Science towards Insights that Matter”
  • DAS/SDP Practice Award winner:Libby Rumff, Senior Research Fellow, School of BioSceinces, University of Melbourne, and Nevil Amos, Senior Ecologist, Arthur Rylah Institute of Environmental Research.“Using Decision Analysis to Integrate Biodiversity into Fire Management Planning”.

Noon – 1:30PM (PT):

Session #9: Games, Games, Games: Memorable Lessons on Decision Skills Principles

Session Chair: Amy Day, Co-Founder and Decision Educator, Clarity4Action

  • Amy Day, Co-Founder and Decision Educator, Clarity4Action. “Title TBD”
  • Jay Andersen, Oaken Table Games. “The Design of a DA-based tabletop game”
  • Jim Felli, Devious Weasel Games. “A Brief and Thrilling Over view of Game Design”



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