Decision Analysis: Day 1 agenda!

DAAG Virtual Conference | Day 1

Wednesday, June 24

8:00AM – 9:30 AM (PT):

Session #1: Engineering/Manufacturing Decision-Making

Session Co-Chairs: Steve Glickman, Senior Strategy Analyst, Boeing, Michelle Scarbrough Decision Analytics Manager, Boeing, and Masa Lipilio, Decision Support Analyst, Boeing

  • Steve Glickman, Senior Strategy Analyst, Boeing. “Applying Decision Quality Principles to Development of a Supersonic Business Jet”.
  • Greg Parnell, Professor of Practice, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas. “Decision Analysis based Trade-off Analytics with Set-Based Design”
  • David Skinner – Coming Soon!

10:00AM – 11:30AM (PT):

Session #2: US Government making quality technology opportunity framing and investment decisions

Session Co-Chairs: Michael Glinsky, Physicist, Sandia National Laboratories, & Ellen Coopersmith, President, Decision Frameworks

  • Michael Glinsky, Physicist, Sandia National Laboratories. “Portfolio de-risking for major-capital scientific investments”
  • Bruce M. Thompson, Manager, Advanced Decision Analytics, Sandia National Laboratories. “Tradespace Analytics to Support Major Acquisition Programs”
  • Mark L. Kiefer, Manager, Sandia National Laboratories. “Initial Use of Decision Quality Methods for Planning a Billion-Dollar-Class Science and Test Facility”.

Noon – 1:30 PM (PT):

Session #3: Uncertainty in Decision-Making

Session Chair: Neil Hamlett, Principal & Founder, Uncertainty Research

  • Dr. Sam Savage, Executive Director, “The Arithmetic of Uncertainty”
  • Tom Keelin, Managing Partner, Keelin Reed Partners. “Metalog Bayesian Inference: Bayesian Updating That’s Flexible, Simple, Fast, Interpretable, and Closed-Form”
  • Gary J. Summers, President, Pipeline Physics, LLC. “The difference between a model and reality: How does it affect decision analysis?”


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