ENCORE: 4 future trends in risk management

Join us to talk about 4 amazing trends in risk management that may change everything you ever knew about risk management. It is a great pleasure to introduce Alex Sidorenko, who will share his experience as a past Head of Risk of a large multi-billion dollar investment fund.

REGISTER: https://events.genndi.com/register/169105139238458453/3d6668a267

More than 100 people attended the last webinar and asked some amazing questions. In fact it was so insightful and valuable, I wanted to run this webinar again in few different time zones. Different times are available.

Here is a sneak preview of the things we will talk about during the free webinar:

  • The transition from risk management as a stand alone activity to a quantitative tool built into the key decisions and processes of an organization
  • Risk management is against human nature. Building risk culture to counteract
  • The role of a risk manager in a company must change. The concept of three lines of defense is flawed
  • To execute its new role the risk management team must possess four key competencies

Registration is free and places are limited.



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