Fostering a Culture of Risk Awareness and Open Communication at #RAW2023

Join the workshop By Nada Awad Rizkallah (Qualified Risk Director ® – Group Head Of Risk Management & Strategy, Group Credit Libanais).

Although Risk Culture is gaining major recognition and becoming a priority topic as a consequence of the several collapses, we still notice how it then fades down in the list of priorities of the boardroom and executives, until the next spectacular incidents breaking the news. Risk culture remains difficult to measure and involves participation up and down the organization.

In this workshop, we will discuss how organizations that have developed very structured risk governance framework and built historical good reputation, still face a failing risk culture. Can their risk leaders influence the strategic decisions to avoid that risk assessment and reporting just become an academic exercise? We will learn from a practitioner’s experience, how risk leaders can help to drive sustainable value in the decision making process, if they revisit their traditional defensive approach and build a better forward thinking focus, in a more informed and integrated way, to gain competitive advantage.

While our presentation will demonstrate how the Tone at the Top, from your board and C-suite Executives influence positive risk culture, we will also examine how do you convey and cascade the same risk culture to the rest of the staff. We will review practical case studies and steps to help boards evaluate risk culture in their organization and assess their leadership and staff ability to detect, anticipate and manage risks.

About the speaker

Nada Awad Rizkallah, Qualified Risk Director ® – Group Head of Risk Management & Strategy, Group Credit Libanais. Nada has over three decades of leading experience in managing risk governance, compliance and board risk committees. Nada is the Regional Director MENA region of the DCRO Institute and the recipient of their 2023 Exemplar Award among distinguished honourees.

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