FREE WEBINAR: 4 practical steps to move from standalone risk management to risk-based decision making

Risk management is changing with more than ever focus on integration and human culture and cognitive aspects. It sounds obvious, but is it really?

Here is a quick test: Which typical risk management element/tool has the least amount of value?

  • Risk management framework
  • Quarterly risk assessment workshops
  • Risk reports
  • Risk registers
  • Heat maps?

In my mind, they are equally useless and maybe even detrimental to the effective management of risks or risk-based decision making. Unfortunately, you cannot agree with the first statement about integration and culture while continuing to use these outdated tools. There is a much better alternative for every single point in the list above. Join me for the latest instalment in RISK-ACADEMY free webinars.

In this free webinar I will talk about integrating risk management into decision making by sharing some practical steps on how to move from standalone risk management to risk-based decision making. Click on the registration link for dates and times.

FREE REGISTRATION: (click to see available times and dates)

Looking forward to seeing you online soon.

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You can also still register for the past webinars that I repeat from time to time:

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