Join me for risk management training in Malta in September

If there is one thing I learned in my previous role as a Head of Risk of multibillion-dollar PE/VC investment fund, risk management is not about managing risks. It’s about helping management make strategic, operational and investment decisions with the risks in mind.

It sounds simple enough, but it’s anything but. Integrating risk management into core business processes, decision making and the overall culture of the organisation is hard work with many steps along the way. Elena Demidenko and I have actually published a number of articles and books on the topic and you free to browse them in the official RISK-ACADEMY blog or download the free book or watch free short videos

If you need more information however or want to learn practical skills and techniques for integrating risk management into your organisations processes and decisions, join me for a 2 day risk management workshop on 28-29 September 2017 in Malta.

Did it ever strike you as odd, that risk management is supposed to be a support function, yet business units are constantly required to provide the information to the risk managers and not the other way around? It almost feels like the business is there to support risk managers in doing their job. Join me to learn how risk management can actually make money for the business and work as it was intended from the very beginning. 

Alex has created a short bootcamp designed to help companies implement quantitative risk management. Imagine saving the company so much money that investing in risk management competencies and resources becomes a no brainer for the executives. That's exactly what Alex Sidorenko did at a global $10B chemical company and he has been kind enough to share his top tips and lessons learned with you each week. Sign up now!


Risk professionals seem to have created a myth that risk management is about managing risks. Not so. Risk management is not an objective in itself. It’s just another management tool to help them make better decisions and hence achieve the objectives. There is a big difference between how mature organizations implement risk management and the rest.

Mature organizations do risk analysis when a decision is made, using whatever risk analysis methodology is appropriate for that particular type of decision. The rest do risk management when it’s time to do risk management, be it annually, quarterly or some other regular internal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unless our methodologies, approaches and tools allow risks to be analyzed at any moment during the day, when an important decision is being made or at every milestone within the core business processes, we are unlikely to get management’s attention. This was a big challenge for me personally and to overcome the challenges I have created this training.

Who is this training for?

This training is ideal for risk management, internal control and internal audit professionals working in non-financial companies. It is a must see for risk management professionals in Private Equity, Asset Management and investment.

Training program


  • Definition of decision making, uncertainty and risk
  • International risk management standards and frameworks


  • Tools and techniques to identify risks associated with decision making or the achievement of goals/KPIs and how to apply them in non-financial companies
  • Tools and techniques to analyse and quantify effect of uncertainty on decisions or on achievement of KPIs in non-financial companies (decision trees, sensitivity analysis, scoring models, Monte-Carlo simulations, scenario analysis, bow-ties)
  • Risk mitigation as part of the decision making and achievement of KPIs
  • Monitoring, reporting and communicating decisions made with risks in mind




The Palace Hotel Malta, High Street, Sliema SLM 1542, Malta. Discounts on accommodation in Malta are available to all those that attend the training.


1400 euro per person (15% disount on 2 or more people). RSVP by sending me a message:

Price includes:

  • training materials
  • food and refreshments during the training
  • access to RISK-ACADEMY premium and support for 1 year (359 euro value)
  • discount 10% on all future RISK-ACADEMY events

Price does not include:

  • airfairs
  • accomodation (discounted accomodation at the hotel is available for all training attendees)

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