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Risk management chat-bot - use AI to measure risk management maturity

Posted: November 20, 2017
Category: Risk management
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Institute for Strategic Analysis Risk (ISAR) and present artificial intelligence chat-bot that helps non-financial companies and government agencies evaluate risk management effectiveness, determine risk management maturity level and develop a set of recommendations for integrating risk management into decision making and core business processes.

This is an amazing tool that can help companies quickly and efficiently determine their level of risk management maturity. And it's completely free.

Chat-bot is available to Telegram users.

DOWNLOAD Telegram:

FIND CHAT-BOT: @RMMaturity_bot

ISAR CHAT-BOT allows risk managers to conduct self-assessments testing current level of risk management maturity and its effectiveness in line with the ISO31000 principles as well as international best practices.

The assessment is focused on the level of risk management integration into business processes, decision making and the overall culture of the organization.


You will be able to use ISAR CHAT-BOT for:

  • self-assessment of current risk management maturity;

  • self-assessment of risk management effectiveness;

  • bechmarking your organization's risk management maturity with other companies in the industry/country;

  • determine gaps and potential weaknesses in the risk management;

  • develop a road map to optimize risk management and integrate into decision making and key business processes.

Read about other application of artificial intelligence in this amazing post or watch Alex Sidorenko talk a little bit more about the chat-bot in this short video:


We guarantee confidentiality of the information.

ISAR CHAT-BOT developed by Vitaly Kirweny, Konstantyn Dozhdykov, Alex Sidorenko and is available in English and Russian.



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