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ChanceTALKAlex Sidorenko and Sam Savage discuss latest in risk management. Join us to discuss your risk management concerns and share some of the latest ideas in quant risk management.

Weekly webcasts where we break risk management misconceptions, share new techniques and ideas and answer your risk management questions live. Join the channel to stay up to date on risk management.

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You can watch past sessions here In the past we covered:

  • I can’t build a model until I collect the data
  • We don’t know the probability distribution
  • We don’t have the specialized software to run simulations
  • Our situation is too complex to model, so we do it in our head based on experience
  • We don’t need to quantify uncertainty, we just need better forecasts
  • My situation is unique, so there is no way to estimate a distribution of outcomes
  • 100 Million Monte Carlo Trials in 88 Bytes!
  • Chief Probability Officer – is this the future for risk professionals?
  • Watch Sam Savage create a free stochastic risk register live
  • Key takeaways from the Archer summit, modular risk analysis, 3 levels of risk analysis
  • 3 types of risk appetite, Flaw of averages explained
  • Feedback FERMA Copenhagen conference, risk aggregation, flaw of averages and risk tools
  • ChanceAge the new world for probability distributions and quantitative risk analysis
  • The biggest excuse to not quantify risks
  • Has it happened by chance or was it effective risk mitigation


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