Latest risk management training in the middle east

RISK-ACADEMY, together with Global Institute for Risk Management Standards (G31000) and the Institute for Strategic Risk Analysis (ISAR)  have conducted a series of risk-based investment management courses at one of the GCC sovereign funds.

Below are just some of the critical topics covered in our training courses:

  • Development and implementation of practical tools for making strategic, operational and investment decisions based on risk
  • The psychology of risk perception, cognitive biases associated with investment decisions and the development of risk management culture
  • Integration of risk management into strategic asset allocation, budgeting, investment activities, reporting and other key business processes across the fund
  • Quantification of the impact of risks on the objectives and KPIs of the fund as a whole or on individual private investments (decision trees, tools, Monte-Carlo simulation, the use of scoring models for non-financial companies)
  • Recommendations to meet the requirements of regulators and global trends in the field of risk management, including applicable ISO 31000, COSO:ERM 2004 and other risk management requirements, as well as updated versions of the ISO and COSO frameworks, which will be published later in 2017, early 2018.

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