Life works in mysterious ways

Life is funny:

  • in 2009 I co-authored the risk management guide for the Australian Stock Exchange and I thought it was an amazing document (now it looks like child drawing)
  • in 2011 I created a big chunk of the global PwC risk management methodology and felt amazing about it (now I know it’s total BS and would never use it)
  • in 2012 together with Elena Demidenko we published first book, now free and I felt on top the world (now I know it’s not good enough, because still treats risk management as a stand-alone process)
  • in 2017 together with Elena Demidenko we published our second book, always free, and I felt better than ever (I reread it from time to time and at the moment it still holds :))

But I bet all the things I do on risk-based decision making will look stupid in 5 years, but at least I am moving in the right direction. Many are still stuck in 2009 :))

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