Loyd Consulting Group shows how crowdsourcing risk means business breakthroughs

Once in a while, new players emerge in the market that are truly onto something. The Loyd Consulting Group (LCG) being one of them. Risk management and crowdsourcing are known disciplines – the powerful combination never seen as such before. Their solution Risk Focus TM enables everyone to declare both threats and opportunities, as each being the other side of the same coin.

LCG’s solution expands your risk management scope to your wider market, suppliers and customers. Dare to continuously listen to your total ecosystem before uncertainties become significant risks or a missed opportunity.

‘That said Risk Focus TM provides a much more comprehensive view on where uncertainties exist. Both top-down as bottom-up, as well across the entire value chain of LCG’s clients.’ Concludes Alex Sidorenko: founder and organiser of Risk Awareness Week.

This approach to risk management is actively engaging employees in identifying and addressing uncertainties. It increases the velocity of risk identification, enables better decisions to be made earlier in the process, empowers everyone, and improves the employee experience.

‘This is a unique time for most of us.’ Says Marischa van Zantvoort, LCG’s CEO. ‘Once the worst of this COVID-19 crisis is behind us, the question is not How do we get back to normal?. The question must be How can we make it better than before?’. Organizations should not make incremental changes but instead, raise the bar and take a stand to deliver truly exceptional performance. When doing this, uncertainties will naturally arise, and levels of risk increase. But by fostering a risk management culture, leaders will enable their entire organization to navigate these steps with insight, trust and wisdom. We see increasing sharing and caring levels across the globe, uplifted by a more robust understanding of our interconnectedness. This open approach is essential to building a collaborative and inclusive risk leadership culture beyond the C-Suite, creating value across an enterprise. That is precisely what Loyds’ technology and consultants bring to their clients.’

Watch Marischa’s workshop at the RAW2020 https://2020.riskawarenessweek.com/talks/crowdsourcing-risk-with-risk-focus/


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