REPLAY: Managing Risk Attitude for Better Decision Making #riskawarenessweek2019

In order to effectively manage risks and make better decisions, most rely on processes, tools, systems, frameworks and/or methodologies – however regardless of the approach taken to manage risk, there is always one common denominator … People!.

Thus regardless of the approach and the nature of the risk – all risk is managed by people.

David would discuss the management of people risk – foundational concepts of risk attitudes and its impact on decision making, with a view, to provide a greater understanding of these concepts as well as give practical guidance to leverage this understanding in improving corporate risk management.

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This is a must watch session for anyone working in risk management and a great foundation for the whole week. Make sure you sign up!

About Daniel

Daniel Udochi is a General Manager responsible for Risk and Compliance at MTN; prior to joining MTN, he was the RAFM Regional Manager for Zain Group supporting 5 operations in Africa – Ghana, Gabon, Malawi, Sierra-Leone and Zambia. Daniel is a governance, risk, and compliance professional with over 15 years proven executive leadership experience at both country and regional levels within the MEA region. He has worked extensively in several high-risk conflict zones including Afghanistan, Sierra-Leone and presently Sudan. He was recognized by The Ethics Institute (TEI) for “Best Ethics Initiative” South Africa 2018 and has published articles and facilitated presentations on risk, governance, and control at various other fora including the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) 1st Middle East Conference in Bahrain, 2019; 4th Africa Telecoms Fraud, RA & Risk Management Conference 2017 Kenya; 5th Annual Global Telecoms Fraud, Revenue Assurance & Risk Management Forum 2017, Dubai, amongst several IIR conferences, local ISACA chapters (Kenya & Nigeria), MIS Security Summit.

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Управление рисками

В этом коротком и очень увлекательном курсе, Алексей Сидоренко расскажет о причинах внедрения риск менеджмента, об особенностях принятия управленческих решений в ситуации неопределенности и изменениях в новом стандарте ИСО 31000:2018.


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