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Meet NEIRONIX, the future of risk management

Posted: September 14, 2018
Category: Risk management
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In this post, I want to share with you the project I’ve been advising for over a year. It's called NEIRONIX and it originated in Siberia, a city called Surgut. NEIRONIX.IO is an investment risk assessment tool, which is why it got my attention in the first place.

NEIRONIX is an analytical platform for multifactorial scoring of ICO projects which carries out the multivariate analysis of a large amount of data using new mathematical methods. The platform is designed for the analysis and subsequent effective risk management of investments in ICOs. It is essentially an ICO rating agency and a listing of ICO projects, "S&P for ICOs".

My role, as an advisor, was to help design the risk analysis methodology. We worked hard to automate the risk analysis as much as possible to reduce the effect of cognitive biases when making investment decisions, while remembering to keep our own biases in check. The risk assessment tool is designed to reduce expert subjective opinions given by ICO analysts.

The founders of NEIRONIX decided that the market of blockchain and ICO startups needed a better source of in-depth market analytics that would shed more light on the actual state of things to make the market more transparent and less uncertain. Ultimately, that should attract more capital into blockchain projects including the capital of high net worth investors and high-profile investment institutions.

In order to make the ICO market a safer place for investment, the NEIRONIX team made a decision to make an autonomous analytical system that would be able to deliver analytics on projects on its own without outside control or interference. This is where my expertise in risk management was required. I helped the guys design the risk analysis methodology. What we finally came to was a concept of a multifactor analytical platform working on an artificial neural network. It seemed the most viable and workable solution. When the concept was ready on paper the developer team sat down to the programming work. So, the project began.

NEIRONIX is a working platform right now, it is currently in beta testing but the functionality is there. And the team is now raising funds through a public token sale which will end on November 30, 2018. Make sure you check them out and see for yourself.

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