Most popular RISK-ACADEMY videos in 2018

Thank you very much to our subscribers! 2018 has once again been a great year for RISK-ACADEMY YouTube channel. 64000+ views and 302500+ minutes watched, 1000+ shares, 760+ likes and only 54 dislikes. Seriously? I will have to step up the controversy a notch in 2019 I guess :))

So here are the top 5 most watched videos in 2018:

5. Are 3 lines of defense useful? – Alex Sidorenko 

Alex Sidorenko from RISK-ACADEMY talks about whether the concept of 3 lines of defense is useful or not and how to make it work. This video is super funny. It was recorded in 2016, it took IIA extra 2 years to finally put up the model for review.

4. Which risk management certification to choose? 

Alex Sidorenko shares 3 important points to consider when selecting a risk management certification in non-financial companies.


3. ISO31000:2018 structure and overview 

Alex Sidorenko from RISK-ACADEMY talks about the new (or not so new) structure of the ISO31000:2018 and why every section is important and useful for risk practitioners.


2. Which one is better ISO 31000 or COSO ERM? 

Alex Sidorenko from RISK-ACADEMY talks about which standard is better for non-financial companies, the new COSO ERM or the new ISO31000.

…and the most viewed video in 2018 was…


1. What is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)?

Alex Sidorenko from RISK-ACADEMY shares his views on what does ERM means to him and how the term has been way overused :))


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