The whole concept of risk-appetite is total nonsense

The concept of risk-appetite has been around for years, yet so many risk practitioners still find themselves confused and unsure how to quantify, formalize and document it. Well, the short answer is YOU DON’T NEED TO. There is a better way. First, disclaimers. The following article only applies to non-financial companies, just like everything else… Continue reading The whole concept of risk-appetite is total nonsense


Building risk management alliances

(extract from the Guide to effective risk management 3.0, read the full book for free: Risk managers should build relationships and join forces with the other managers responsible for performance improvement initiatives, like lean management, quality, safety, environment, security or others. Risk managers should participate in relevant major performance improvement workshops (for example, kaizen… Continue reading Building risk management alliances

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Over the years, risk managers have tried various ways to get the business units to participate in the risk management process. Some simplified the risk identification and assessment methodologies, others complicated them. The result in both cases was the same – disappointment. Best case scenario – annual or quarterly risk assessments were perceived as a necessary evil with most employees ignoring them and few actively resisting.
Did it ever strike you as odd, that risk management is supposed to be a support function, yet business units are constantly required to provide the information to the risk managers and not the other way around? It almost feels like the business is there to support risk managers in doing their job.
Maybe, just maybe, it is time for the risk managers to stop living in a universe, where the business is regularly required to provide information, participate in risk assessments and to contribute to lengthy discu

Finding the right sponsors for risk management

(extract from the Guide to effective risk management 3.0, read the full book for free: A large part of risk management success depends on the support and commitment from executives, Board members and key stakeholders. It is important, as early as possible, to identify specific people at different levels within the organisation who support… Continue reading Finding the right sponsors for risk management

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ICAM Lead Investigator Training – Malta

Amazing opportunity  to study most advanced safety or environmental incident investigation techniques (ICAM – Incident Cause Analysis Method) in Malta. Spend 2 days in a very special location in Sliema, Malta. The training will be conducted in a historic Victoria hotel.

Training is delivered by Australian Risk Services in conjunction with WAM Training RTO 22054.

Staff will be trained in BSBWHS505 – Investigate WHS Incidents and RIIWHS301D Conduct safety and health investigation. These units describe the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to plan, conduct and report on investigations of incidents that have resulted in, or have the potential to result in, injury, damage or commercial losses of any kind. Call us about TLIF5017 – Investigate rail safety incidents training. 

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the legal requirements applicable to accid

Practical Risk Appetite Masterclass

Practical Risk Appetite Masterclass

8 – 9 May 2017 | Kuala Lumpur

This masterclass will cover practical ideas to identify, validate, develop and document risk appetites for different strategic, operational and financial business decisions. Learn how the concept of risk appetite, risk tolerances and risk limits transitioned from financial services to corporate world and lost all its meaning along the way.

Alex Sidorenko, author of the Guide to Effective Risk Management, will provide no-nonsense, practical ideas for turning risk appetite from an artificial and theoretical concept to a valuable management tool. A tool that the company management will want to use every day when making decisions.

Together we will investigate the nature of business decisions, the ugly side of cognitive biases and conflicts of interest and how the application of risk appetite, risk tolerances and risk limit

Our free risk management book has been downloaded 2000+ times

With more than 2000 downloads in less than 3 weeks and a lot of possitive feedback, I hope you enjoy the free risk management book: or read it online on our website without the need to login: Here are some of the key takeaways from the book: Risk management is not just about tools and techniques;… Continue reading Our free risk management book has been downloaded 2000+ times

Practical steps to build risk management culture

Risk management is ultimately about changing organizational culture to accept risk and facilitate risk discussion when performing business activities or making any strategic, investment or project decisions. Vincent Tophoff in the recent International Federation of Accountants thought paper called From Bolt-on to Built-in has put it nicely “there is no such thing as risk culture.… Continue reading Practical steps to build risk management culture