Practical Risk Appetite Masterclass

Practical Risk Appetite Masterclass

8 – 9 May 2017 | Kuala Lumpur

This masterclass will cover practical ideas to identify, validate, develop and document risk appetites for different strategic, operational and financial business decisions. Learn how the concept of risk appetite, risk tolerances and risk limits transitioned from financial services to corporate world and lost all its meaning along the way.

Alex Sidorenko, author of the Guide to Effective Risk Management, will provide no-nonsense, practical ideas for turning risk appetite from an artificial and theoretical concept to a valuable management tool. A tool that the company management will want to use every day when making decisions.

Together we will investigate the nature of business decisions, the ugly side of cognitive biases and conflicts of interest and how the application of risk appetite, risk tolerances and risk limits can help protect the shareholder value. Join us to learn how to improve risk-based decision making, raise risk awareness and improve the overall corporate culture of the organization through the use of well-articulated risk appetite statements. The course includes interactive business games to test your personal appetite for risk.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the nature of business decision making and the concept of decision quality
  • Learn how hidden agendas, cognitive biases and conflicts of interest impact on the quality of business decisions and reduce shareholder trust
  • Identify and validate existing risk appetites set by the management
  • Validate existing risk appetites against the risk profile of the company, the regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations
  • Learn a better way to design and document risk appetite than risk appetite statements
  • Improve the overall risk culture of the organization.


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