Quantitative risk assessments for non-financial companies. Success stories from Alex Sidorenko and Archer Insight

Quantitative methods can deliver tremendous benefits to organizations and have been used selectively for years. However, implementation of risk quantification as a powerful tool within a larger risk management program poses some unique challenges and questions for risk management professionals.

You are invited to watch as Steve Schlarman, Integrated Risk Management Strategist for Archer, and Alex Sidorenko, FERMA’s European Risk Manager of the Year 2021 explore the use of risk quantification to help reduce costs, rein in volatility, and improve business performance. Alex discusses how the integration of quantitative risk analysis into insurance, procurement, compliance, environmental and production for one company changed how important decisions are made and saved $13 million along the way.

  • Learn how to quickly solve complex financial problems with simple quantitative risk analysis techniques
  • Explore ways to optimize complex problems through risk analysis to obtain better and cheaper insurance coverage, lower performance risks from suppliers, and implement more predictable maintenance programs
  • See how risk quantification can provide business leaders with better insights into risk and improve business performance

Discover how to save your company millions of dollars with quantitative risk analysis! In this informative webinar, risk management expert Alex Sidorenko shares his real-life success story of saving his company 13 million dollars through better quantifying and communicating their risk profile to insurers. Learn how to apply similar strategies in your organization and see significant savings on insurance premiums. Alex’s work was recognized and he was named the 2021 Risk Manager of the Year by FERMA and received a special international mention from RIMS.

Don’t let complexity hold you back, the return on investment in quantitative risk analysis is worth it. Watch now!

00:00 Imaging saving your company $13M through better risk management
01:28 Alex Sidorenko’s insurance case study
05:35 Archer Insight story
07:00 Applications of quantitative risk management
11:47 Instead of ERM go for local risk models first
13:05 Integrating risk analysis into procurement
21:00 Myths in risk quantification
31:50 What you are trying to quantify is a function of the decision at hand
40:46 Recommendations for risk quantification

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