QUICK SURVEY: Risk management in cryptocurrency investment

Dear market participants,

An international rating agency Neironix together with RISK-ACADEMY and the Institute for Risk Analysis in Decision Making (ISAR) invite you to take part in an important research dedicated to risk management in cryptocurrency investment.

This research will help in the development of a risk management framework designed specifically for the digital economy, thus improving the safety for all market participants.

Based on the results of research, Neironix will conduct a comprehensive risk management maturity assessment, understand the level of risk management awareness and determine the overall market readiness to invest in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency assets. This will lead to the development of important risk mitigating strategies and tools.

Objectives and expected outcomes:

  • Develop an algorithm for automated ICO risk assessment;
  • Improve digital assets market attractiveness for corporate and individual investors;
  • Develop risk management and financial control methodology;
  • Create a set of analytical tools to optimize the work of consulting and rating

Who should take part in the research:

  1. Traditional funds, banks and exchanges;
  2. Institutional investors;
  3. Cryptocurrency funds and

The results of the research will be published within 2 weeks after the after the end of the survey on the official Neironix and RISK-ACADEMY websites. More information available at: https://neironix.io

We guarantee confidentiality and non-disclosure of personal information about the respondents. The results of the research will be statistically processed, anonymized and compiled into a single aggregated report. The use of the generalized data guarantees the absence of links to the names of particular companies and/or to particular questionnaires. The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.




If you have any questions, wishes or technical difficulties filling in the questionnaire, please inform us by av@neironix.ru



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