RAW2021 – Chancification goes live

Whereas Electrification replaces systems running on fossil fuels with those running on electricity, Chancification cures the Flaw of Averages by replacing computations running on single numbers with those running on probabilities.

The Chancification Network has just gone live, with systems from various organizations playing the roles of Power Plants, Transmission Lines and Appliances.


  1. The Flaw of Averages and the Arithmetic of Uncertainty
  2. Chance-Informed Decision Appliances (ChanceCalc, Excel Templates)
  3. The Transmission Lines (SIPmath.Network, RASON from Frontline Systems)
  4. The Power Plants (Frontline Systems’ Analytic Solver, Lumina Decision Systems’ Analytica)


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Управление рисками

В этом коротком и очень увлекательном курсе, Алексей Сидоренко расскажет о причинах внедрения риск менеджмента, об особенностях принятия управленческих решений в ситуации неопределенности и изменениях в новом стандарте ИСО 31000:2018.


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