WATCH REPLAY: Decision Making in Civil Engineering Projects. How to make it more efficient and effective

Decision Making under uncertain situations and circumstances during project’s life cycle is always a challenge to Projects’ Directors and Managers . During this session I’ll review few of the typical dilemmas in Decision Making and provide some simple yet effective processes, tools and techniques to ease the Decision Making, make it more fluent and efficient.

Topics to be covered during the session:

  • Decisions in Civil Engineering Project – what are the main, typical impacting decisions to be taken during the project’s life cycle.
  • Uncertainty, Risks, Issues – What’s the difference, what should be considered and what not, how to assist project teams to identify what really matters
  • Leadership – The huge impact of project manager’s leadership over Risk Identification and balanced, effective Decision Making. Simple tips to enhance PM’s leadership
  • Transparency – The leadership’s close relative. How to enhance transparency among project teams while discussing uncertainty and decision making
  • Bias – What is Bias’s impact, how to identify it and some tips as to how to calibrate it
  • Ranges – Using ranges instead of single, fixed figures . how to convince your top management to consider ranges, what is the benefit of that, what are the grounds for that, simple techniques to be implemented

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