RAW2021 – How to save $10M on insurance without changing limits or deductibles

Are you tired of lip service by brokers on how insurance decisions should be risk based? Are you as surprised as I am that most of the brokers are clueless about risks and have no quant competencies (even the ones that claim they do, we checked)? I know I was. How on earth are they supposed to understand, let alone package and sell your company risks, if they have no skills or tools to understand them?

Well, we set out to change the relationship between corporations and brokers and insurance companies. Join this workshop for the lessons learned, step by step techniques and case studies from our company. We saved millions of dollars in premiums without compromising on limits (actually increased limits most of the time) or raising deductibles (even when we did, we mathematically proved that it was economically viable).

Join the risk-based insurance revolution!


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