WATCH REPLAY: Rethinking Cyber Risk Responses

Let’s face it – security teams don’t have the resources to deal with every threat or respond to every risk.

Work prioritization must be carefully considered, ensuring that the response is efficient, is aligned to overall organizational objectives, and treats risk in a meaningful way.

Doing so requires a shift in thinking: moving away from the “turn all reds to yellows, all yellows to green” paradigm and toward one that is organizationally holistic and considers the complexity of the threat landscape. Join this webinar to learn how to optimize the ways organizations respond to risk and move it from a basic risk mitigation process to a true strategic advantage.


RISK-ACADEMY offers online courses


Informed Risk Taking

Learn 15 practical steps on integrating risk management into decision making, business processes, organizational culture and other activities!


ISO31000 Integrating Risk Management

Alex Sidorenko, known for his risk management blog, has created a 25-step program to integrate risk management into decision making, core business processes and the overall culture of the organization.


Advanced Risk Governance

This course gives guidance, motivation, critical information, and practical case studies to move beyond traditional risk governance, helping ensure risk management is not a stand-alone process but a change driver for business.


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