RAW365: Staying connected with the Risk Awareness Week community year-round

As we gear up for Risk Awareness Week 2023, it’s important to remember that the learning, networking, and sharing of ideas don’t have to end when the conference does. In fact, they shouldn’t. The RAW community exists year-round, offering a wealth of opportunities to engage, learn, and grow outside of the annual conference.

Staying connected with the RAW community throughout the year allows you to keep the momentum going, continually enhancing your risk management skills and strategies. But how can you make the most of the RAW community all year long? Here are some tips:

1. Follow up: Made some meaningful connections during RAW? Great! Now, it’s time to follow up. Reach out to the individuals you connected with during the conference, express your appreciation for the discussions you had, and suggest ways to continue the conversation in the future.

2. Engage in online forums and groups: RAW maintains several online platforms where risk professionals can share ideas, ask questions, and continue learning. Participating in these online discussions can keep you updated with the latest in risk management and provide fresh perspectives.

3. Revisit RAW content: Did you know that most RAW workshops and presentations are available for replay? Use this feature to revisit your favorite sessions, or catch up on any you might have missed. You can often pick up new insights even when revisiting the same content.

4. Share your insights: Have you implemented something you learned at RAW in your organization? Share your experiences and the results you’ve achieved with the community. Your insights could inspire others and also give you feedback for further improvements.

5. Start planning for the next RAW: As soon as one RAW ends, the planning for the next one begins. Stay updated with the upcoming conference’s news, mark your calendar, and start preparing for the next exciting round of learning and networking.

While RAW is an annual event, the learning and connections it fosters extend far beyond the conference week. Being a part of the RAW community means being a part of a vibrant, globally connected network of risk professionals committed to advancing the field.

With RAW2023 on the horizon, we invite you to join this growing community. Remember, early bird tickets are available until the end of June, giving you an opportunity to join us at a discounted rate. To sign up, visit our website https://2023.riskawarenessweek.com/.

Join us and become part of the change, part of the community, and part of the future of risk management. Let’s make every day a RAW day!

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