Risk culture or risky culture – great webinar and what are some of the takeaways

It truly was a great webinar!

Watch the replay from Francois Blouin, Senior Manager, Risk Management – Culture and Transformation at National Bank of Canada and Alex Sidorenko, RISK-ACADEMY, talking about risk culture and​​​​​​​ what it means to an organization. We shared 13 action points for you to implement.


I, naturally, suggest you watch the full webinar, there is a story and explanation behind each point. Don’t have the time to watch a 1-hour webinar, here are the points:

  1. Jump on somebody else’s train
  2. Change the risk team mentality first
  3. Engage business along the way and keep your methodologies transparent to all
  4. Establish champions/owners to help drive risk culture
  5. Use the business language
  6. Make risk information accessible to all
  7. Provide simple decision-making tools to decision makers
  8. Audit culture regularly
  9. Get involved in other initiatives outside the risk discipline
  10. Be relevant and be knowledgeable
  11. Understand and align the compensation with risk culture
  12. Try crazy things, never know what will work
  13. Do cocktails

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