Risk managers beware

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to ask a large group of profesionals one simple question – what is risk management? More than 1450 experts from a Russian professional social network (equivalent to Linkedin in Russia) have participated. Most are not risk professionals.

The results, I find, are quite amazing:


This is pretty much just for fun and there is nothing scientific behind this survey, but still, makes you wonder:

  • 8% (119 people) think risk management is a fad
  • 15% (224 people) think risk management is a full time profession
  • 6% (88 people) think risk management is a compliance tool
  • 67% (996 people) think risk management is an important decision making tool (both at home and in the office)

Take note risk management professionals! Most business people think risk management is a decision making tool. Are you delivering timely, transparent and accurate risk management advice to help management make better day to day decisions? Or are you still stuck doing quarterly or monthly risk assessments?

It’s time to wake up.

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