WATCH REPLAY: Sajid Iqbal at #RAW2022 – Acting rationally in an irrational market

Key Learnings from this workshop: Investment Decisions, What’s broken in traditional investment models, Sustainable Investment Strategies, Investment Risk Management.

In this workshop, we will discuss traditional investment strategies against the backdrop of the Efficient Market Hypothesis. I will explain the risks and pitfalls of traditional investment models by briefing you on their inherent and residual risks.

We will then learn the differences and associated risks of rational vs irrational investment behaviors. We will also learn how we can train our minds for the right risk-taking approach by understanding long-term vs short-term market views.

In the end, we will conclude on key takeaways from Broken investment models and sustainable investment strategies.

How we can apply our new investment understanding to the current economic environment with high inflation risks, recession risks, commodities, and credit crises.

Sajid Iqbal is a seasonal Banker, Market & Investment Risk expert with unique expertise in Digital Banking. He has been in the banking industry for over 16 years and worked for leading banks across multiple regions. Sajid has extensive banking and risk experience and has worked in key positions for UBL, Barclays and RBS and currently serves as a Deputy CRO in a Swiss bank Habib Bank AG Zurich. Sajid has specialized in Investment Risk and attained multiple regulatory and professional certifications. In his current role of Deputy CRO at Habib Bank AG Zurich, he is actively involved in building and maintaining a robust enterprise-wide risk management framework with combined risks arising out of credit, market & operations. As a specialist, he is responsible for managing and maintaining the Market & Liquidity risks framework for the organization along with Model risk governance and Wealth Management associated risks. He is the lead member of the governance committee for LIBOR Transition and a key member of IRRBB management team in Habib Bank AG Zurich. While providing his multifaceted expertise to other executive & governance committees of the bank.

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