Secrets to boost organizational performance through risk management

As we navigated through the turbulent waves of the recent economic landscape, it was clear that those who adapted, evolved, and took strategic risks not only survived but thrived. It’s here that we introduce the unsung heroes of these success stories – the ones who attended Risk Awareness Week 2022.

RAW2022 didn’t just equip attendees with new insights and tools; it transformed organizations at their core by reshaping their understanding and approach to risk taking and decision making.

Let’s turn the spotlight onto a few of these transformative stories. First, there’s Maria. Post-RAW2022, Maria, a risk executive, led a culture shift in her company, moving from risk aversion to risk-informed decision-making. Her organization is now reaping the rewards of increased innovation and resilience, fueled by their new understanding of risk as an enabler of opportunity.

Then, there’s Ahmed. After RAW2022, Ahmed initiated a company-wide risk training program. Drawing from the wealth of knowledge he gathered from the conference, he developed a curriculum that was practical, accessible, and engaging. Not only did the program raise risk awareness across the company, but it also empowered employees to confidently tackle risks in their daily operations.

These stories represent a mere fraction of the transformations that organizations experienced post-RAW2022. It wasn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it was about bringing back valuable insights to drive positive change within their organizations.

Fast forward to RAW2023 where we plan to inspire attendees with the new theme “Taking More Risk”. Remember, the magic of RAW2023 doesn’t end with the closing speech. Instead, it lives on in the actions, decisions, and changes that you implement in your organization. So, are you ready to bring back the insights from RAW2023 and spark a transformation in your organization? Join us this year and write your success story!

RISK-ACADEMY offers online courses


Informed Risk Taking

Learn 15 practical steps on integrating risk management into decision making, business processes, organizational culture and other activities!


ISO31000 Integrating Risk Management

Alex Sidorenko, known for his risk management blog, has created a 25-step program to integrate risk management into decision making, core business processes and the overall culture of the organization.


Advanced Risk Governance

This course gives guidance, motivation, critical information, and practical case studies to move beyond traditional risk governance, helping ensure risk management is not a stand-alone process but a change driver for business.


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