See you in Montreal soon

Really looking forward to speaking at the RIMS ERM Conference in Montreal in a weeks time. First, it’s been 10 years since I’ve been to Quebec and second I will join Chris Mandel and Yvette Connor for a very important chat about the impact digitalization has on risk management and decision making.

The Digitization of the Risk Profile: Implications for Risk Leaders

The vexing problem of “cyber risk” actually portends the future of risk management: increasingly larger portions, and even entire risk profiles, of organizations will morph into exposures affected by the Internet, IoT, rapidly advancing technology, loss of control of personal information, big data, automation of functions and artificial intelligence. If you think cyber risk has been a challenge, you haven’t seen anything yet. Learn what you need to do to get ahead of this opportunity and meet, even exceed the expectations of stakeholders—most of whom have no clue themselves about the significant effects of these high-velocity emerging risks and their impact on performance and long-term success.

Hope to see you there!

If you are in Montreal and want to catch up for a coffee, drop me a message.

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