Super early bird registration for RISK AWARENESS WEEK until 30 June 2022

RISK AWARENESS WEEK is the biggest global online platform to learn risk management and decision making. Amazing lineup of international speakers share practical case studies on integrating risk management into corporate decision making, planning, budgeting, project management and risk-adjusted performance management. Our aim is to bring together best quantitative risk management practices in a easy to understand and practical fashion for a fraction of the price. 

You can watch the workshops live or in replay on your phone, computer or tablet. More than 10000 participants watched RAW workshops over the last 3 years, don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your risk game. The workshops will be of value to decision makers and risk professionals alike.

SUPER EARLY BIRD (save $300)

Five days of risk management and decision making content, specifically designed to help raise risk awareness and learn important risk management skills:

  • DAY 1 – why manage risks, why move from RM1 to RM2
  • DAY 2 – risk identification techniques that work and help overcome biases and cultural pitfalls
  • DAY 3 – risk measurement techniques that pass back-tests, outperform heatmaps
  • DAY 4 – risk mitigations that reduce the overall risk exposure, trade-offs, measuring quantitative effect
  • DAY 5 – risk reporting integrated into performance management, risk-adjusted performance

Don’t miss this huge event.

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