“Uncertainty reduction doesn’t create value…” or does it?

by Dmitry Surovtsev, Schlumberger This post is inspired by an interesting online discussion I had with Trygve Botn in the aftermath of the RAW2020 event [1]. As the original forum… Continue reading “Uncertainty reduction doesn’t create value…” or does it?

TRAINING: Risk management for auditors

RISK-ACADEMY has developed a new risk management course designed for internal and external auditors. The course is based on ISO 31000:2009 as well as the latest research published by global risk management experts (Douglas Hubbard, Gerd Gigerenzer, Daniel Kahneman, Norman Marks, Alex Dali) and institutes (G31000, Institute of strategic risk analysis in decision making, British Institute of Risk Management) and RISK-ACADEMY’s own studies.

The course structure and material differ significantly from the traditional approach proposed by the Institute of Internal Auditors.