Risk Management Game 1.0

This is a unique opportunity for high- and mid-level managers to discover the real benefits of risk management when making executive decisions. Take on the role of a member of the Board of a large Russian company and take part in this absorbing business game! Your task is to make it through a whole game year, using each turn to make important executive decisions, weighing up strategic, financial and operational risks.

The success of your business will depend entirely on the quality of your teamwork and risk analysis! The winning team is the one which is able to undertake a balanced risk evaluation and guarantee their company the maximum cash flow.

Risk Management Game 2.0

The aim of the game is to increase the value of your company by properly weighing up risks and making balanced investment decisions. The winning team is the one which manages to increase their company’s value the most after 4 rounds.

You can buy the whole game set, including playing cards, as well as the rules and models for playing the game independently or order one of our facilitated sessions.