The ultimate checklist for risk management integration


2 thoughts on “The ultimate checklist for risk management integration

  1. Very good list Alex. I would only suggest a few changes/Qualifications.
    Objective 1 – The first two boxes refer to the same issue – the owner/owner representatives (Board of Directors) set the risk strategy. The Chief Risk Executive (CRE) can advise, but the owner/BoD are the one(s) to set the tone.
    Objective 2- The second box – from a risk practitioner’s viewpoint while it would be great if the CRE had such power, they do not and never will. The third box is the key box.
    Objective 3 – The word “some” in the 4th box should eliminated. The CRE has to be ultimately responsible for all risk assessments in order for the entire risk management program to function properly. Also the word “risk” in the final box should be eliminated. All members of management have to be constantly improving all of their management skills – not just their subject matter skills.

    1. Thanks Greg, the checklist is actually the summary of the free book that you can download from the menu of the left. Each point has a story behind it, all are real and very achievable 🙂 Also strategy@risk and risk strategy are two very different things

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