UDEMY: Informed risk taking

Good news, first RISK-ACADEMY online course is now on Udemy!

This course is not about doing risk assessments, building risk registers, heat maps or risk reports. None of these things have anything to do with proper risk management. This course is about alternative, a different take on risk management. This is what I call risk management 2.

Join me to discover how to integrate risk management principles into day to day decisions, change how investments are done, change how strategy and budgets are set and change the very culture of the organization.


I call it a 5-week challenge. Each week I will write to a challenge to help you integrate risk management into the decision making of your choice.

Week 1 – Choose the decision

  • review board or executive committee minutes 
  • talk to the Board secretary
  • talk to Internal audit or risk colleagues to identify problem areas
  • review management performance reports  

Why do this? If you want to integrate risk management into decision making, you first have to choose a decision type or process where you will integrate into. Which decision is best? Something that you are familiar with, more importantly, something where you have a good relationship with the decision owner, who will let you pilot risk management. Preferably it should something with high visibility and something very material to the business.


Good luck and have fun



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