WEBINAR: Integrating risk management into strategic planning using math

Finally, integrating risk into strategic planning – practical advice and how-to on integrating risk management into strategic planning.

Join Alex Sidorenko and Graeme Keith to talk about:

  • Isn’t strategy already risk based?
  • How do we approach and influence the strategy department ?
  • What tools and techniques work best to make strategy risk based?


FREE REGISTRATION 26 APRIL 10AM: https://events.genndi.com/channel/riskacademy


About Graeme Keith

Graeme Keith has a PhD in applied mathematics from Cambridge University (2000) and coming up on 20 years’ experience applying quantitative modelling to business decision making.

Before joining Decision Risk Analytics, Graeme held a number of senior management positions at Maersk Oil, including Global Exploration Portfolio Manager, Head of Risk Management and Head of Strategy.

Graeme is a fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and teaches and supervises at Copenhagen University and the Technical University of Denmark.

About Decision Risk Analytics

Decision Risk Analytics delivers software and services to provide clients with a structured, quantitative approach to the management of uncertainty and risk in business decision making. We consult on strategy, investment portfolio analysis, risk management and project management, from analytical support on single, crucial decisions, to design and implementation of company-wide processes.

Quantitative uncertainty analysis provides clarity for decision makers by articulating the fundamental value drivers and the strategic levers that control them. This insight empowers executives to:

  • Optimize returns for a given level of risk by optimizing strategic controls
  • Reduce cost by concentrating resources on crucial decision components
  • Rationalize decisions and report on residual uncertainties to investors

Decision Risk Analytics’ unique proprietary software RiskyDecisions backgrounds the mathematical burden, allowing decision makers to focus full attention on extracting value from the insights of experts and data, and on the simple but faithful representation to executives of the fundamental uncertainties underlying a decision and the levers they have in place to control them.


RISK-ACADEMY offers online courses


Informed Risk Taking

Learn 15 practical steps on integrating risk management into decision making, business processes, organizational culture and other activities!


ISO31000 Integrating Risk Management

Alex Sidorenko, known for his risk management blog http://www.riskacademy.blog, has created a 25-step program to integrate risk management into decision making, core business processes and the overall culture of the organization.


Advanced Risk Governance

This course gives guidance, motivation, critical information, and practical case studies to move beyond traditional risk governance, helping ensure risk management is not a stand-alone process but a change driver for business.


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