Your RAW journey: how to harness the power of Risk Awareness Week

Are you ready to rethink your approach to risk management? To see risk not just as a threat, but also an opportunity? To join a global community of risk professionals seeking to revolutionize the way we understand and manage risk? If your answer is yes, then welcome aboard to Risk Awareness Week 2023!

Our theme this year, “Take More Risk,” encourages you to go beyond conventional wisdom and explore the untapped potential of strategic risk-taking. But to fully immerse in this transformative journey and get the most out of RAW, it’s essential to come prepared.

Here are some tips to ensure you make the most of your RAW experience:

1. Set clear learning goals: RAW brings together the brightest minds in risk management, offering a wealth of knowledge and insights. Identify what you’re most interested in learning. It could be a specific topic, skill, or a broader understanding of risk management trends.

2. Engage actively: RAW is more than just a series of presentations – it’s a dialogue. Don’t shy away from asking questions or sharing your thoughts during sessions. Your perspective could spark a meaningful discussion and enrich the learning experience for everyone.

3. Connect and network: RAW brings together a diverse mix of risk professionals from around the world. Take the opportunity to connect with other attendees, exchange ideas, and build professional relationships.

4. Take advantage of pre-recorded sessions: Can’t make a live session? Don’t worry, most of our workshops are pre-recorded and available for replay. You can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever it suits you.

5. Share your learning: Whether it’s a thought-provoking insight, a key takeaway, or even a question, share it on your social media. Use the official RAW hashtag to join the wider conversation and make your voice heard in the community.

RAW is designed to be a deeply engaging, highly interactive experience. Your active participation is what makes RAW a dynamic learning environment.

Remember, discounted tickets are available until the end of month. Grab this chance to be part of a global community of forward-thinking risk professionals. To register, visit our website

The power to redefine risk management and transform it into a strategic force lies within you. Are you ready to embark on this journey? If so, we can’t wait to welcome you at RAW2023! See you there!

RISK-ACADEMY offers online courses


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Learn 15 practical steps on integrating risk management into decision making, business processes, organizational culture and other activities!


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Alex Sidorenko, known for his risk management blog, has created a 25-step program to integrate risk management into decision making, core business processes and the overall culture of the organization.


Advanced Risk Governance

This course gives guidance, motivation, critical information, and practical case studies to move beyond traditional risk governance, helping ensure risk management is not a stand-alone process but a change driver for business.


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