Free procurement risk identification checklist

This Risk Identification Checklist for Procurement is a valuable tool designed to guide you through the procurement process, helping you identify, assess, and manage potential risks at every stage. It covers a wide range of potential risks, from defining the procurement need to the delivery and use of the procured products or services, including the credit risk associated with prepayments and bank guarantees.

The checklist is designed to be attached to your procurement approval paperwork, providing a thorough overview of all potential risks associated with the procurement decision. However, it also serves as a guide for preparing presentations and memos for the Executive Committee, with a focus on significant risks that could have a major impact on the procurement project.

Risk identification checklist for procurement

By using this checklist effectively, you can ensure that your procurement decision is as successful and risk-free as possible. It’s a must-have tool for anyone involved in procurement, helping to ensure that all potential risks are identified, assessed, and managed effectively.

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