Tailor-made risk management policy


Alex Sidorenko will develop a risk management policy for your organization based on the ISO31000:2018 and COSO:ERM 2017 principles. Risk management policy that clearly states the organization’s objectives and commitment to risk management. The policy will be specifically tailored to your industry and organizational strategic objectives.

Time to complete: 1-2 weeks. This is a risk management 1 product.



The risk management policy typically includes:

  • the organization’s rationale for managing risk;
  • links to the organization’s objectives and other policies;
  • accountabilities and responsibilities;
  • risk criteria and guidance for decision makers;
  • commitment to make the necessary resources available;
  • the way in which conflicting interests are dealt with;
  • an escalation process;
  • performance measurement and reporting; and
  • commitment to review and improve the risk management policy and framework.

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