Most popular articles of 2018

Thank you, dear readers, you made this year amazing. The blog has been visited 54000+ times, which is almost triple that of 2017. Here top 5 most popular articles on RISK-ACADEMY blog this year: 5. What competencies should risk managers outside of banks and insurance companies really have? A while back I saw some discussions… Continue reading Most popular articles of 2018

Tailor-made risk management documents (RM1 package)

For years I’ve tried to do one good risk management, but in reality, there at least 2 risk management. There is risk management 1 – risk management for external stakeholders (board members, auditors, regulators, government, credit rating agencies, insurance companies and banks) and risk management 2 – risk management for the decision makers inside the company. While I strongly believe risk managers should spend 90% or more of their time on RM2, RM1 is not going to go away any time soon.

This product is designed to save risk managers an enormous amount of time by providing most, if not all, documents required under RM1. See description below for more details.