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How to move from risk management to risk-based management

According to the ISO 31000:2009, principles risk management should be an integral part of organisational processes and decision making. Picking up on that important point, risk management should be seen as a management tool designed to improve planning, budgeting, performance management and other core business processes. Risk management also helps management to make more informed […]

What is the ultimate goal of risk management?

Is risk management a management tool or a separate profession. I share my thoughts in this video. It was viewed more than 2000 times and raised a lot of debate, please share your thoughts as well.   DOWNLOAD THE FREE RISK MANAGEMENT BOOK:  https://www.risk-academy.ru/en/download/risk-management-book/ Watch more free risk management videos on http://www.risk-academy.ru/en/risk-management-video/ or subscrive to RISK-ACADEMY […]

Making money by better managing business risks

Making money by better managing business risks

Originally published by Alex Sidorenko in Times of Malta: http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20170130/business-news/Making-money-by-better-managing-business-risks.638039 As we continue to adapt to a highly volatile environment and increasing regulatory pressures, businesses should be more proactive about risk management. There are three reasons why organisations may want to invest in risk management activities: 1. Reduce compliance costs There are certain risks that […]

Finding the right sponsors for risk management

(extract from the Guide to effective risk management 3.0, read the full book for free: https://www.risk-academy.ru/en/download/risk-management-book) A large part of risk management success depends on the support and commitment from executives, Board members and key stakeholders. It is important, as early as possible, to identify specific people at different levels within the organisation who support […]