The Great Debate Part III: Can ERM Realize its Potential in the Real World?

In our first two webinars, our panel discussed the pros and cons of the updated COSO and ISO guidance on effective risk management. They left us with the idea that while both updates are improvements on their prior versions, neither is fully satisfying.

In this, the third webinar in the Great Debate series, our panel will discuss how ERM can be effective and fully realize its potential – not in theory, but in the real world.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to transition from managing a list of risks to enabling quality decisions that help an organization achieve its objectives
  • Identify the role of the world-class risk practitioner
  • Identify the role of the board and the information it should receive
  • Learn where the concepts of risk appetite, criteria, and tolerance fit
  • Identify the role of the assurance providers, especially internal audit


  • Tim Leech, provocative COSO critic in the past, who has now publicly endorsed the new COSO 2017 ERM framework – “the right emphasis at the right time”
  • Norman Marks, retired CAE and CRO; and evangelist for better run business. Outspoken critic of the new COSO 2017 ERM framework – “not what the world needed now”
  • Alex Sidorenko, participant in the development of ISO 31000 scheduled for release in 2018 – “neither efforts are really hitting the mark”
  • Scott Mitchell, OCEG Founder, recognized Influencer in Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance, host and moderator


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